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Airport Pickup and Welcome with Champaign :
Start your experience with a warm welcome at the airport, where you’ll be greeted with Champaign.

Luxurious Transportation:
Travel in style with a luxury car or limousine, accompanied by attractive models.

Personalized Hotel Reception:
Upon arriving at the hotel, you’ll be personally received by a model dressed in your preferred attire.

Relaxation in the Hotel:
Indulge in a relaxing experience as you enjoy the company of a model in a bathtub or jacuzzi at the hotel.

Unexpected Encounter in the Hotel Room:
Experience a thrilling surprise when you enter your hotel room and encounter a couple engaging in intimate activities. Join in and explore a dominant role if desired.

Romantic Dining Experience:
Discover the perfect companion of your choice at the restaurant you’ve selected. They’ll join you as an elegant couple, providing a discreet and enjoyable atmosphere.

Beach Club Getaway:
Unwind on a beach club bed with a selection of models wearing swimsuits of your preference. Sip champagne and enjoy the company.

Nude or Mask Party:
Host an exciting party where everyone can choose to be nude or wear underwear. It’s a lively and unforgettable experience.

Yacht Rental with Models:
Take charge of a yacht rental and enjoy the company of models dressed in bikinis or minimal clothing according to your preference.

Luxury House Rental with Companions:
Escape to a luxurious house rental accompanied by a minimum of five models who will be available 24/7 during your stay, catering to your desires.

Exploring Ibiza:
Embark on a day trip around Ibiza and its surroundings, accompanied by several models in convertible cars.

Shopping Companion:
Experience a personalized shopping trip with a companion of your choice who will assist and accompany you throughout the process.

I CAN ORGANIZE THE RESERVATION OF YOUR VIP TABLE AT THE NIGHTCLUBS AND RESTAURANT, ALSO OUR MODELS will be able to accompany you during your party moments and end up at your villa or hotel of your preferences.

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